The Yacht

Ingrid-Marie is a Hallberg-Rassy 45, hull number 44 built 1991 in the Swedish west coast. Known far and wide for their sturdy construction, superb craftsmanship and signature seaworthiness, these easy to handle Germán Frers designed models are globally respected for their elegant lines and spirited performance. Hallberg-Rassy 45 was built during 1988 – 1996. A total of 71 hulls were built. When the Hallberg-Rassy 45 was launched in 1988 it was a trendsetter. This was the first Hallberg-Rassy designed by Germán Frers. The Hallberg-Rassy 45 introduced an external lead keel, sturdy hull stiffener along and across the boat, between the floor and the keel, which reinforces the construction considerably.

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Hallberg-Rassy 45



Captain, Bbq master and head of photo and drone documentation


Captains wife, 1:st mate, navigator and chef

Isac & Klara

Our juniors and top crew members.
Its a blessing to have them around, we love every minute they are around.

They brings joy and handy hands.